Our Story 27 Years and Counting

Our Story

Quest, established in 1997, is one of Canada’s leading language schools. We offer year round English language programs, including exam preparation and academic pathways to numerous higher education partners across Canada. In addition, we offer Junior group programs through Camp Quest and online learning through Lingua Quest.

Students are provided a full array of services to round out their experience. These include daily activity programs, accommodation services, health insurance and academic counselling. 

Our two modern campuses are located in the very heart of Toronto and feature numerous amenities to ensure student comfort. These include cafe/snack bar, games areas (foosball, ping pong, basketball, video games, darts and more) lockers, microwaves, lounge areas and more. 

The Numbers

Studnets enrolled
Since 1997
Years of Experience
Since 1997
Certified Teachers
Including Camp Quest
Levels of English
Beginner to High Advanced
Student Lounges
with numerous amenties
Number of Yearround Classrooms
Modern Campuses
in the city Centre
Courses and Electives
for student selection
““The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
Ludwig Wittgenstein


Quest is not simply a  school. It is a team of dedicated professionals dedicated to providing our students with an outstanding learning and cultural experience that will expand their horizons and help them discover new opportunities 

Established in 1997, we have served 30,000 students from over 40 countries with 97% satisfaction rate. 


We offer a wide variety of customizable programs to meet virtually every need. Everything from general English, to academic preparation and junior programs for both individuals, groups, institutions and corporations.  

In addition we offer numerous student services including activities, accommodation, airport transfers and health insurance  


Languages Canada (LC) provides official recognition that member programs meet the rigorous standards of the association and are committed to upholding them. The standards are comprehensive and cover the areas of: curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, marketing, promotion, facilities and administration. LC standards are internationally recognized.



Quest is a government Designated Learning Institution. As part of the designation we are inspected annually by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities who review our policies, programs and financials to ensure we comply with the rigorous standards set by the ministry. Every designated instiution is granted a DLI number – Quest’s number is


Award Winning School
2007 winner of the Lyn Howes Award presented for commitment and innovation in the delivery of programs and services. (click to view award)
2003 to 2014 winner “Excellence Award” based on direct student ranking
Best ESL School, Toronto (click to view award)


The most important measure of our success is our students. Since 1997, year after year, our student satisfaction rate has remained at 95% or higher. Check our reviews below on various platforms such as such as Google, Facebook and video testimonials from former students. 

Meet Team Quest

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What Our Students Say

I studied at Quest for four weeks and It has been one of the best experience in my life. The teachers were so good and funny…Brian (Activity Coordination) is the best Soccer player in School 😂😂
A Quest foi um divisor de águas em relação ao inglês. Eu morria de medo de fazer um intercâmbio mas nos primeiros minutos na Quest o medo foi embora e vi o quanto eles tornariam mais “facil” meus estudos lá. Eles fazem de tudo pra que vc se sinta acolhido, as instruções são claras, o ensino é dinamico, tem atendimento no seu idioma caso precise, enfim, uma escola realmente diferenciada.Não posso deixar de ressaltar 2 pessoas que foram fantasticas comigo e merecem um reconhecimento especial: a Leticia, que foi muito paciente, atenciosa e me ajudou em absolutamente tudo quando eu tive problemas com um documento. Realmente ela fez toda a diferença naquele momento que já estava sendo tão dificil pra mim.A outra é a prof. Sujata. Que professora INCRIVEL!!!! Sempre paciente, tentando tirar nosso melhor em todo o tempo, tornando a aula leve, divertida e dando o máximo de si pelo nosso aprendizado. Enfim, eu amei a Quest e indico muito!!!!
All the teachers are so good and the activities are so fun!
Good school. Good teachers. I recommend.
I am very pleased to have chosen Quest as a school in this first moment of life in Canada. The teachers and staff are awesome in a very welcoming environment and with the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world.
Great teachers! I will always remember Quest!
Couldn’t ask for a better English school in the whole world. I had an amazing experience there. I miss everybody from Quest. From the teachers to the activity leaders, I’ll keep the memories close to my heart ❤️
Since the first time I walked into that building, I felt welcome and safe. The school is great, full of people ready to learn and efficient and kind employees. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to study. They have an amazing organization with different and dynamic classes.
I loved study in Quest the teachers are great also the staff… I felt welcomed.
The class was awesome and I had improved my English as much as could.

Definitely I’ll miss it…

Thanks Quest….
The best school without doubt. All the staff is amazing, they create an atmosphere full of respect for all cultures. During the time I spent here I was very happy, I couldn’t have learned more in another place, it was the best experience of my life ❤️
I came to this school to prepare myself for a College test. All the school’s efforts were made for my aproval. I’d like to thank for all english skills that i achieved in this school. I’m studying now just to complete my english program here and when i finish i’ll go back to Brazil. I’ll move to Canada to start my college next year. I am so glad and thankfull for this time here at Quest in Toronto. The learning methodology and teaching materials are really nice. Also, in my opinion, the teacher’s team catchs my attention with their intelectual preparation, dynamics and simphaty. They’re very funny and we end up learning easly. Quest team encourages us to do our best all the time. THANK YOU Quest for everything you do for me. I will never fotget these moments.
Great place to learn English and meet people from many countries
At Quest i felt very welcome. I’m very happy for being here. Every day we make new friends here. Thank you, Quest
A very good language school, with good teachers and interesting classroom atmosphere, makes learning English no longer boring. Most students in the school are Japanese, as well as some Koreans and Mexicans. In the school, we can only speak English, which is very helpful to improve! Love Quest!
Quest gave me the best experience in my life, grate teachers and amazing school, thank you Quest for everything ❤️
이곳에서 3개월간 어학교를 다녔습니다.5점만점중 3.5점 드립니다.ㅁ수업 진행.문법수업을 꼭 들으셔야 실력이 늘어납니다. 영어문법에 자신있다고 하면 안들으셔도 됩니다. 기본적으로 문법수업에서 배운것을 회화반에서 스스로 어떻게든 사용하면서 실력을 키우는 시스템 입니다. 영어 자신없거나 초급자분들에게 좋습니다.ㅁ선생님제가 만난 선생님들은 매너가 좋았습니다. 엄격하지 않아서 분위기 좋게 공부가 가능합니다.ㅁ학생들워킹홀리데이나 어학연수로 놀러오는 사람이 많습니다. 젊은 사람이 많습니다. 일본인과 한국인이 많고 각 나라별로 그룹지어 몰려다닙니다. 그리고 어느나라나 어느학원이나 같겠지만 10명중 1명은 성격이 안좋은 애들이 있으니 알아서 거르시길 바랍니다.ㅁ학업 분위기대학교 진학이나 영어공부에 뜻이 있는분들에게는 적합하지 않은 분위기입니다. 반대로 말하자면, 워킹홀리데이나 어학연수하면서 이 나라를 즐기고 싶은분들에게는 좋은 분위기 입니다.ㅁ장소 및 편의성도시 한복판으로 교통이 좋아서 통학이 쉽습니다. 또한 어디 놀러가기도 좋은 위치라서 워킹홀리데이나 어학연수하며 추억을 만들고 싶은분들에게 적합합니다. 기본적으로 건물이 깔끔하고 좋습니다. 바로 앞에 은행과 대형마트도 있어서 점심시간에 사먹기도 좋습니다.ㅁ액티비티여러가지 액티비티들이 있습니다. 단, 학교신청해서 가는것보다, 그 정보만 참고해서 친구들 또는 혼자서 가는게 더 좋습니다.ㅁ그외 학업 팁예습 및 복습은 필수입니다.ㅁ요약ㅡ워킹홀리데이 및 어학연수로 캐나다를 즐기려는 분들에게 적합.ㅡ대학교 및 영어공부 에 뜻이 있는 분들에게는 부적합.
When I was studying there I felt so happy, all the time! A lot of friends, great teachers and nice people that work there at the administration and at the reception. Was the best experience I’ve ever had! The Halloween and the Christmas will be always on my memories, was the best 3 months of my life! ❤️❤️
My experience in Quest Language Studies was amazing and incredible. The contacts with others culture, other people helped me to speak more and improved my English.
Muito Proveitosa 🤩, gostei muito da minha experiência. Todos muito atenciosos.
The best school🤩
I’ve been there for a year and it was the best experience in my life!!!!!
I met amazing teachers, staffs and friends there!
Thank you for everything❤️
Quest is an excellent school, the teachers and staff always help you to improve your language, also you can to meet new people to different countries
Best communication academy in canada
Parabéns a todos da Quest que estiveram presentes na palestra realizada no Hotel Blue Tree Manaus. Sucesso a todos.
Its a very good school and they really care about each student. The classes are very dynamic and fun, and people are very friendly with each other.
I loved it !! Had a great time!! Amazing teachers 💕💕💕💕
The best school to learn or improve your English ! I studied at Quest for 6 month and my experience there was amazing. The teachers, the staff, classrooms are amazing!! The location of Quest is in a good area of the city also they have activities every days that you can enjoy the city! Thanks to Quest for this amazing experience. Definitely i recommend it and if I have another chance of course I choose quest again!
It’s been such a good experience and great time in Quest!
I really strongly recommend it to all international students!!!
My best choice. I am grateful. I recomend This School.
The best choice I ever made was studying at Quest! My experience there was simply the best I could have had.I really miss everyone there. They always care about the students’ experience and the entire study and learning process there. All the activity options they chose for the students are AMAZING and cheap.Thank you Charmaine, Richard and Leticia for always being there to help me when I needed it. I’ll always be grateful for everything you did for me. Love you all
Super ! Test au début puis six semaines de préparation pour avoir le TOEIC. Bonne ambiance avec les professeurs.
I couldn’t have chosen a better school. The teachers are incredible and they really make learning fun and exciting. The staff are some of the nicest people I’ve met. I’m forever grateful for all the memories I’ve made and the great friends I’ve met. Thank you Quest!!
여기서 3개월 간 App course 수강 했었습니다. 좋은 교사와 정말 좋은 교육 시스템을 갖추고 있습니다. 특히 지루할 수도 있는 아카데믹한 영어 수업도 정말 재미있게 들을 수 있습니다. 영어 실력 향상을 원하시면 이곳을 반드시 추천해드립니다.
Quest was one of the best experiences I had in Toronto. A school with an excellent team of highly qualified teachers and a fantastic staff. All classes are very well done and Brian’s activities are great! A place of learning, where I met incredible people and made friendships that will last forever!
Great English school…
the best school , Quest was one of the best experiences in my life I would like to study at this school again because teachers and staff are very polite and they help a lot. I spent a great time thank you Quest❤️🇨🇦
Great School! I studied at Quest for 1 month and i really enjoyed the experience. Quest offers good facilities and it is located in a good area of the city what allows us to enjoy the rest of the day visiting famous places of Toronto. My teachers were so good that although my shyness they let me comfortable enough to participate in class what helped me a lot to improve my english skills. Thanks to Quest and to Continentes Viagens(my travel agency in Brazil) for this trip and life experience. It was unforgettable and i recommend it.
Quest is a family-owned and managed school. The owners are very actively involved in the success of their students!
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