5 Tips to learning English

  1. We don’t get rid of bad habits, we replace them with good habits. So, self-correct: when you notice you have said something incorrect, stop immediately, correct it and then move on.
  2. Work a little bit every day rather than a lot three times a week.
  3. Using Videos
    • Choose a song or a movie scene you like
    • Work with short sections (10-30 seconds).
    • Play without captions until you understand
    • Play with captions to check your comprehension
    • Look up all words you don’t know
    • Play short sections again, repeating after the video (shadowing)
    • From this process, you can use videos to improve your Listening, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Fluency.
  4. Don’t try to do everything at once: target the development of your skills. Every day, choose something to focus on (e.g. five new expressions, a grammar point, or a pronunciation point).
  5. Remember, we never make mistakes; we only make discoveries. Every error is a learning opportunity.