Making the best of summer in Toronto

As the snow melts off the ground, summer is around the corner. It’s true that Canadian winter seems like it lasts for an eternity, but that’s even more reason to make the most out of your summer. The air is getting warmer, and the sun is setting much later. The city slowly comes alive, with patio sets being brought out, parents and children flooding the parks, and people flocking to the beaches for a fun day out. The possibilities are endless, so why not explore all that Toronto has to offer throughout this sunny season?


  1. Just A Taste

Toronto is known for being one of the most diverse cities in the world as the people who live here come from many backgrounds. With vibrant communities, the food scene in Toronto is unmatched. And as a result, the city would host multiple food festivals throughout the summer.  This is the perfect opportunity to try out cuisine from various cultures, such as Italian, Mexican, and so on. Taste of Danforth is the biggest food fest in the city, offering delicious Greek delicacies for all to try. Taste of Asia invites you to a world of intoxicating Eastern cuisine. Taste of Italy transports you to a land of mouth-watering pastas and pizzas. These events begin in early summer and carries out for the rest of the season, so if you miss one, there are still more down the road. Come out and support local vendors, listen to live music, and most of all, enjoy a delicious taste of culture. 


  1. We Got The Beat

The Toronto music scene is also hard to beat. Home of music halls and live scene, Toronto is a haven for music lovers. There is a little bit of something for everyone. If you are a fan of jazz, visit a classy jazz bar and listen to some sweet tunes while enjoying a cocktail; if you’re a fan of outdoor, there are plenty of music fests occurring throughout summer, featuring amazing artists from all over. Toronto is also a hot spot for concert destinations, so chances are you can catch your favourite artists when they’re on tour! Drake, Avril Lavigne, and Shawn Mendes are some popular Canadian artists whose concerts you can attend. But it’s not just Canadian or North American artists, sometimes people from the international scene also makes a stop in Toronto, so always keep a look out!


  1. Pictures Perfect

Summer is also the time for movie festivals to pop off. The biggest is Toronto International Film Festival, which happens in September. Watch movies and see some celebrities in person! However, if you’re itching for an earlier date, then worry not. There are smaller film festivals throughout the summer for you to see. With that being said, a highly recommended activity is to go watch movies in the park. Every week, an older movie would show in a different park at night under the stars, a perfect chance to pull out your picnic blanket with loved ones and watch a picture while munching on food. Surround yourself with laughter from other movie lovers and immerse yourself in a tight sense of community.


Summer goes by faster than you know it, so don’t waste it! Go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with an infinite amount of activities. Toronto is diverse in people as it is in fun. If this one thing is not your cup of tea, how about these other twenty things to try out? With the city opening up again, people are pouring into these events to experience what they have been deprived of for the last two years. So what are you waiting for? Put on your cute summer fit and have a blast!