Make it YOUR Program - Electives

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Electives allow students to tailor their programs to meet their individual needs, providing both program focus and flexibility.

While our morning periods (1 to 4) focus on developing core common skills our afternoon periods (5 to 7) allow students to tailor their program to meet their own specific needs through General and Specialized Electives.

General Electives: General Electives are offered at all learning levels (more options for higher levels) and on different topics. They focus primarily on developing general language skills – conversation, presentation, writing, pronunciation and even slang and swearing

Students select a different elective each week by simply signing up online using the QLS APP on their phones.

Specialized Electives:  provide intensive, concentrated studies for higher level students looking to learn English for business, hospitality, specific fields (such as aviation or medicine), exams (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS) or higher education. They are offered in periods 5 and 6, Monday through Thursday.

Specialized electives in period 7 offer skills practice for those in period 5 and 6. They include interviewing, presenting, resume writing, test practice and more.


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