Health Insurance

Be Smart, Be Secure

The government of Canada requires that all foreign students have medical insurance. So having health insurance is mandatory for all Quest students.

This is to your benefit because foreign students, who do not have immigrant or citizen status in Canada are not eligible for free health care and must pay for all services and expenses. A medical emergency, sudden illness or accident while studying in Canada could be disastrous. And without adequate coverage, the medical expenses could cause you and your family great distress.

When purchasing insurance make sure to read the policy and be satisfied that the coverage is complete, especially in the case of any accident involving recreational activities / sports. Also, make sure you understand how and when to make a claim if necessary.

We recommend that you arrange your health insurance prior to your arrival in Canada. You may purchase insurance in your country of origin or in Canada.

Quest can arrange to provide you with health insurance. The cost is about $2.00 per day. You simply need to indicate this on your registration form and you will have coverage from the day you arrive in Canada. If registering through a Quest representative, make sure to inform them that you want health insurance and confirm that you have it prior to arriving in Canada.