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How can I register?

  1. Through a local Quest  representative in your country
    To find an agent in your country click here. Registering with an agent will not cost you anymore and they can provide you with all the information you need.
  2. Register Directly: follow these steps
    • Register on-line – just click on register at the top or bottom of any page.
    • Complete the registration form and make the required deposit which will be deducted from your course fees.

    The deposit for students who require a visa to enter Canada, for a course up to 8 weeks: full-tuition. More than 8 weeks: 8 weeks full tuition. Minimum deposit $600.00. If your visa application is rejected, please send us a copy of the rejection letter from the embassy and we will refund you all fees paid minus a $200 administration charge.

    We send you your invoice and letter of acceptance.

    Pay the remainder of your fees by / on the first day of classes. You will not be able to start classes until your fees are paid.

    When registering on-line, if the price you get from the registration is different from the quote provided you by a school representative, the representatives price will take precedence and your invoice will be adjusted. This is due to special discounts that may be offered that are not always available in our registration system.