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What happens if my flight is delayed, or I am delayed in customs/immigration?

Instruction for airport pickup by representative — Read Carefully.
Upon arrival in Toronto, a school representative will meet and escort you to your accommodation. When you arrive in Toronto please call or text the driver number provided to you. Your driver will then meet at an agreed upon location. The representative will be carrying a sign with your name and the school’s logo. They will be waiting for you directly outside your arrival gate, after you have passed immigration and collected your luggage. If you do not immediately see the representative, do not leave the area outside your arrival gate. Remain there. In case of emergency or should you not see your representative after 15 minutes, call the 24 hour QUEST Emergency Number sent to you in your homestay profile.  If your luggage is lost, please continue to exit the airport and ask the Quest representative for help. Do not remain inside the arrival area – the representative will leave the airport if he does not see you 90 minutes after your flight’s arrival. You have 90 minutes to exit from plane arrival. If you flight is late, do not worry. We always check flight arrival times.

Instructions for pre-arranged limousine service — Read Carefully.
Exit the airport terminal building (Terminal 1: go to area/exit D, Terminal 3: go to post/curb #23) and ask a Commissioner* (wearing cap and striped orange vest) for an “Airline Limousine” car. Give your homestay profile to the driver who will then take you to your destination.