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What kind of airport transfers do you offer?

We offer two types of airport service:

  • By Limousine – We have an account with Airline Limousine Service company. If you have requested limousine service you will receive detailed instructions and our account number along with your accommodation profile. This doesn’t include greeting service from the school. Limousine is available for 24hours.
  • By ESH Representative – A ESH representative will be waiting for you at the terminal with the school sign. Upon your arrival please look for the sign. If you have requested this service please note the followings:
– Do not forget that our representative is waiting for you at the terminal!!
– Do not wait for your luggage for more than 30minutes. You have to come out and see our representative. We will help you find out your luggage on the next day.
– If you have any problems please call us at the ESH emergency number immediately. (English/French/Spanish/Korean/Japanese Available)