The World In One Place

Toronto is a city of incredible diversity and creativity. It is the world’s most ethnically diverse. With more than half the population of Toronto born elswhere, it is more diverse than New York or London.

It’s diversity is at the heart of it’s dynamism and creativity. The cultural richness of its population is reflected in its food, arts, sports and fashion. It is a city for everyone, a city were within hours of arrival you feel at home.

Toronto is consistently, year after year, ranked as one the safest and most livable cities in the world. A city for sports, music, arts, food and above all a city for YOU.

A City For Sport Lovers

No matter what your game is, Toronto has it!

Toronto is home to all kinds of major league sports
  • Baseball: Blue Jays
  • Basketball: The Raptors
  • Hockey: The Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Soccer/Football: The Toronto FC
  • Football (Canadian); Toronto Argonauts.

A City For Food Lovers

Burger, Ramen, Tandori, Pasta, Injera, Pho, ...All Authentic

Toronto is the place to experience authentic food from around the world. Why? Half our population was born elsewhere and they were good enough to bring their amazing foods with them. We have Little India, Little Italy, Little Tehran, Korea Town, Little Tokyo, Little Portugal and so much more.

A City For Music Lovers

Jazz, Rock, Pop, Ska, Classical ... Toronto has it all

Toronto’s music scene is so vibrant that it even has it’s own style of Jazz. But don’t worry it’s also home to the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Rush, Blue Rodeo and even Prince used to live here. It is an essential stop on any musical group or star’s tour – from the Rolling Stones to Adele.