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Activities to have fun, make friends and improve your English

Activities  an important part of any study abroad experience, helping you to discover your new environment, make new friends, expand your horizons and in the process practice and improve your English.

Our activity coordinators, who schedule and escort activities are  dedicated to providing you with fun and interesting activities virtually every day of week.

Activities include:

local events, festivals, sports (skating, canoeing, football, etc) and sightseeing and weekend trips to Niagara Falls, French Canada, New York City, Boston and more.

Every Wednesday we offer an instructor led Free Conversation Club to help you practice your English in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. And there’s more fun to be had at our weekly Hello Goodbye Parties where we welcome students arriving that week and sadly say goodbye to students finishing their program.

Check out the activity pictures and monthly calendars to find out about all the exciting activities we offer.


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